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1:1 Consultation

$300.00 USD

If you’ve spoken to me before, you know I’m all about transparency. I always strive to be an open book when it comes to any questions I get online, but I wanted to provide this consultation to those that want to dive in deeper. I’ve been a full time freelance photographer since 2019 and have built a successful and growing business in the commercial space. With a focus on product lifestyle and hospitality, I want to take this opportunity to share the things I’ve learned along the way. 

This consultation will be a 1 on 1 call via FaceTime (1.5 hrs) and is aimed towards those who are new to the industry or are looking to grow their business. No one’s journey is exactly the same so to keep things unique to each individual, I like to structure the call in a q&a format. Before our call, please write down talking points you’d like to discuss. This will help maximize our time together and make sure you leave with no questions unanswered. 

We can discuss the following: 

  • commercial photography (product/lifestyle)
  • hotel photography
  • interior photography
  • film photography
  • portfolio building
  • outreach to brands (dms & emails)
  • building long term client relationships (retainers)
  • photoshoot process (start to finish)
  • media kits & pricing
  • color grading & post production
  • cameras & lenses

Once you purchase the consultation I will contact you via email to schedule our call. I will also ask for your general questions and portfolio. This will give me time to write down talking points on my end as well as make sure I am fully confident discussing each question you may have.

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