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1:1 Mentorship

$1000.00 USD

This Mentorship is a four part call across three months. I will be taking 10 mentees per quarter so availability will be limited. The Mentorship will start with an onboard call and be followed by three separate check ins where we can optimize your growth. The goal of this Mentorship is to be a longer term option for those looking to have a more hands on approach with their business's growth and development.

Call one - the onboard call, will be focused on establishing the current state of your portfolio and where you want to grow. We will strategize a plan together to reach your goals, and I’ll be giving you tasks to accomplish throughout the three months. The following calls will be check in calls to ensure you are on track as well as make any adjustments to our strategy if necessary.

Each call will be 1-2 hours via FaceTime and is aimed for those looking to specifically grow in the commercial space. 

Once you purchase the mentorship I will contact you via email to schedule our initial call. I will also ask for your general questions, goals, and portfolio. This will give me time to write down talking points on my end as well as make sure I am fully confident in helping you achieve your goals. After our initial call we can schedule the remaining three calls over the following months. 

My goal with this Mentorship is to take the last 5 years of my successes and mistakes and condense it all to fast track your success. Everyone’s journey is different but hopefully through this time together, I can help you navigate the commercial space a lot easier.

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